Till Seuring awarded at iHEA congress 2017

Dr. Till Seuring, of ebph, recently received the iHEA Student Prize for second place in this year’s competition. The award was established by the International Health Economics Association and has been awarded bi-annually to recognize excellence by students in the field of health economics. The award was conferred for the paper “The relationship between diabetes, employment status and behavioural risk factors: An application of marginal structural models and fixed effects to Chinese panel data”, which looks at the effects of a diabetes diagnosis on employment status as well as health behaviours important to prevent diabetes related complications. The study focused on China, a country facing a large diabetes problem due to an unprecedented increase in diabetes prevalence over the last couple of decades. Findings suggest important differences between men and women, with positive behaviour changes in men and no reduction in their employment chances post diagnosis, while the picture is opposite for women with much more modest behaviour changes and important reductions in their employment chances of about 16%. The paper is not yet published but an earlier version can be accessed as part of Dr. Seurings PhD thesis.


The paper was presented at the bi-annual International Health Economics Association World Congress, held at Boston University, from the 7th to the 11th of July, 2017. It will be available shortly in the form of a video and a link will be posted here.

Dr. Seuring also presented the results of another paper on the labour market impact of diabetes in Mexico, of which an earlier version can be found here. The congress gathers health economists from all over the world presenting cutting-edge research form all areas of health economics.

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