Adrian Verbel Facuseh

Adrian_Verbel_Facuseh_ebph_BremenFormer Researcher





Research Interests
primary health care, health service management and health technology assessment

Current Research Projects
Cochrane Review on paying for performance for health interventions in LMICs


  • 08/2015-04/2019: Guest researcher. Research Group for Evidence-Based Public Health, University of Bremen
  • Since 11/2014: Primary health care consultant, Omalina Owkin de Gonzales, I.P.S; San Andrés Isla (Colombia)
  • 04/2013–08/2014: Family physician and primary Health care coordinator, Javesalud IPS / Amor de Patria Hospital, I.P.S. Universitaria; San Andrés Isla (Colombia)
  • 02/2012–03/2013: Ministry of Health and Social Protection / Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Bogotá
  • 08/2011–10/2012: Head of the community health department and the postgraduate program “Family and Community Health”; Faculty of Medicine, University El Bosque, Bogotá
  • 09/2010–09/2011: MSc. Public Health; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM),
    – M.Sc. Thesis: “Recommendations for the Formulation of Basic Health Teams as an Element of the Primary Health Care Strategy in the Colombian Health System”
  • 11/2005–12/2012: Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, University El Bosque, Bogotá
  • 06/2007–08/2010: Medical coordinator and Family Physician, Javesalud I.P.S., Bogotá
  • 09/2004–06/2007: Family physician, E.P.S Sanitas, Bogotá